Maffrine LaConte

Graphic Designer,
Web Designer,
Front-End Web Developer.



Born in Malaysia, and having worked in 4 different countries around the globe, Maffrine has been active in creative design for the past 15 years. Her formal training and experience is in architecture, where she spent years designing buildings and spaces.

After she's married,  Maffrine started her own home design business so that she could stay home to be with her family. Though the home business started primarily in Architectural Design, it slowly evolved to include Graphic Design, and now, Web Design and Development as well. Maffrine enjoys exploring and employing new and creative ways to problem solving, and embraces opportunities that challenge her to learn new skills. 

When she is not doing design, Maffrine enjoys cooking, sewing, and just spending time with her family. Maffrine first became a believer at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA, where she was a member for several years. At the end of 2016, Maffrine and her family moved to North Carolina, and is now a member of Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, NC.