Who We Are

Intwine partners with Christian ministries large and small to help them connect with their target audience, raise support, and extend the reach of their ministry through visual communication. Our strategy-driven approach increases any ministry's visibility, communicates its mission and purpose, and highlights the values they hold.  

Intwine's method is straightforward: we strive for simplicity and clarity. We are not just about creating beautiful design. More importantly, we believe that what we create needs to help our clients achieve their marketing objective. In short,  our goal is to help ministries stand out and be successful so that God will be glorified. 

Our approach is guided by three principles:



Good design solves problems: it is purposeful, thoughtful, practical and strategic. Beautiful design is not the goal, but rather the outcome of good design. Our goal is to be intentional in helping ministries by communicating their mission in a meaningful and visually compelling way because what they stand for, we stand for as well. 


We want to be found faithful to the gifts that God has given us. Similarly, we want to help Christian ministries be faithful with the message entrusted to them (1 Cor. 4:1-2) while being prudent with their resources so that our service is truly an investment rather than expense. Ultimately, we strive for excellence in the same way they do: out of the desire to do all things to the glory of God. (1 Cor. 10:31)


As fellow workers of the Kingdom of God, it is our joy to see God's ministries grow in both depth and breadth, capacity and reach. We want to be partners in that growth because there is nothing more exciting than experiencing God's faithfulness to complete His purposes. 


At Intwine, we are committed to execute excellence in all projects we undertake. Besides providing genuine customer service, we strive to maintain continuous and open collaboration, and establish a partnership with our clients to ensure the final product supports their overall strategy. We desire our work to be glorifying to the God we humbly serve by endeavoring to use our gifts, talents, and resources to create something exceptional and memorable. 


Find out today how we can help you design a standout ministry!